Final Expense Insurance

The average cost of a funeral has gone up and will keep going up. You might want to look into getting a plan at an affordable price to give you "Peace Of Mind"

In 2000, the average cost of a funeral was $5733.00. In 2019, the average cost went to $11,282. Is that a debt you want to leave your family with? 

For the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can sleep at night knowing you won't leave your family with the task of your funeral arrangements. With no funeral plans to guide them, overspending by hundreds or even thousands is almost guaranteed for these reasons:  

There is the emotional strain of losing someone close to them

There are time constraints to consider

There are many on-the-spot decisions that have to be made

There is no prior experience regarding what's needed or not needed

There are the funeral homes and cemeteries and other providers trying to make the highest profit they can


So have the peace of mind with a final expense plan which will cover your funeral expenses and make this complicated time in your family's life far from complicated. Let your family mourn you and not have to figure out the process of a burial. 

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